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Chord progressions

Source: Singapore Piano Shop sell YAMAHA KAWAI piano   Published: 2010/5/28 21:24:59   Clicked: 2236

In this lesson we will learn the chord progression I (One), IV (Four), I, V7 (Five-Seven), I.

This series of chords if very useful when harmonizing songs.

In the key of C Major, the I (One) chord is C,E,G. This is the root position. Play that chord.

Keep the bottom note where it is. Move the middle tone up one-half step, and move the top tone up two half-steps (one whole step). Now you are playing C,F,A. This is the IV (Four) chord (second inversion).

Go back to the I chord in root position; C,E,G.

Now move to the V7 (Five-Seven) chord by keeping the top note in place and move the middle tone up one-half step, and the bottom tone down one-half step, as we learned in the previous lesson.

Now go back to the I chord in root position.

First play it with the left hand, then with the right hand, and then with both hands.

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