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Sell secondhand pianos

Source: Singapore Piano Shop buy & sell used pianos   Published: 2011/4/16 19:59:49   Clicked: 2672

Because the piano learners lost their passion and interest in learning pianos, Singapore has many secondhand pianos in the market. Some of these pianos are in very good condition, in very good quality. If you choose carefully, you may get one excellent piano with less money.

Ace Piano Shop is dealing in secondhand pianos in Singapore. We have many used pianos for sale. These pianos are serviced very well after we trade in them and can be used for a very long time. If you're considering to buy a secondhand piano, please call Ace Piano Shop, our mobile number is +65-9871 5256. We sell used YAMAHA, KAWAI pianos and many euro brand pianos.

When you call us, we will try to know your enquiry in details. You'd better to have a rough idea of the piano: which brand you prefer, what color you like, your budget, pratice model or exam model, the age of the piano you can accept, soft sound or sharp sound, soft keyboard or hard keyboard etc.

With the information above, we can help you to find a suitable as soon as possible.

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