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Take in recycle YAMAHA pianos

Source: Ace Piano Shop in Singapore buy & sell used pianos   Published: 2011/7/28 11:35:00   Clicked: 2983

Many piano learners buy YAMAHA piano as their first piano. But most of them will lost their interest and passion in learning piano. The YAMAHA pianos will then be put there as a furniture for a long time. That's not good for the piano, because the piano will soon get problem if it's not used or maintained well. One of the best choice now is to sell out the used piano, to help the YAMAHA piano find a new owner.

Ace piano shop is happy to take in used pianos, remove old pianos, recycle secondhand pianos. We can help you to check and evaluate your YAMAHA pianos, buy /  trade in / recycle your YAMAHA pianos, service your YAMAHA pianos and then give the YAMAHA pianos to new users. We prefer Japan made YAMAHA pianos because pianos made in Japan come with very good quality. Indonesia YAMAHA pianos are also very good.

If you have a YAMAHA piano and want to sell it, please feel free to contact +65-9871 5256, we'll help you to evaluate the piano and recycle at a very good price.

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