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Piano Repair Service, Sticky keys, Broken strings

Source: Ace Piano Shop in Singapore buy & sell used pianos   Published: 2011/9/25 8:11:38   Clicked: 2859

Please call +65-9871 5256 to enquire about piano repair & cleaning service.

Replace piano broken strings

Repair piano sticky keys

Our experienced piano technician can help you to solve all the problems of your piano, clean your piano, and can help to maintain your piano to very good condition.

To order our professional piano repair & cleaning service in Singapore, you need to call us 2-3 days before piano repair & cleaning. And then SMS the detailed address to us. Once we have arranged the piano repair & cleaning service for you, we will call to confirm with you.
Normally, our working time is Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 7:00pm. And we will charge cash during piano repair & cleaning.

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